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This topic applies to people who have a JCA completed.

The identification of barriers and interventions is used to determine eligibility for Commonwealth funded employment services and to assist employment service providers to determine appropriate assistance for the person.

Policy reference: SS Guide 1.1.J.10 Job capacity assessment (JCA)

Identification of significant barriers

Significant barriers that impact on a person's capacity to participate in economic and social activities are identified and recorded in a JCA. These may include:

  • employment (vocational)
  • educational
  • health related
  • socio-cultural
  • personal
  • legal, and/or
  • environmental barriers.

Identification of appropriate interventions

Appropriate interventions to address a person's barriers are also recorded in the JCA.

Possible interventions that may be recommended include:

  • education and/or training
  • language, literacy and numeracy courses, and
  • personal counselling and referral to other community and support services.

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