The Guides to Social Policy Law is a collection of publications designed to assist decision makers administering social policy law. The information contained in this publication is intended only as a guide to relevant legislation/policy. The information is accurate as at the date listed at the bottom of the page, but may be subject to change. To discuss individual circumstances please contact Services Australia. ADAT step 1

Are further steps necessary?

If a medical practitioner has certified that the care receiver is in the terminal phase of a terminal illness and is not expected to live for more than 3 months, the total final score is 30 for CA or 25 for CP. The test is complete and no further steps are necessary.

Exception: Where 2 or more carers have applied for CP for the same care receiver who is in the terminal phase of a terminal illness the rest of the steps of the ADAT will need to be completed to establish if a score of 80 is achieved, with a THP score of at least 32.

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