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Calculating the total health professional questionnaire score

The HPA is divided in 3 divisions. Each division has a number of questions with a weighted score for each answer. The HPA can only be completed by an approved THP. The scores for each question are added within each division, then the scores for each division are added to achieve a THP score.

Approved THPs

The Secretary has approved the following classes of people to complete the THP questionnaire:

Health professional classification Qualifying characteristics
Medical practitioners as defined in SSAct section 23(1). A person registered and licensed as a medical practitioner under a state or territory law that provides for the registration or licensing of medical practitioners.
Registered nurses Includes a person who is registered under the law of a state or territory as:

  • a psychiatric nurse
  • a mental health nurse, or
  • a geriatric nurse.
Occupational therapists A person registered as an occupation therapist under a law of a state or territory.
Physiotherapists A person registered as a physiotherapist under a law of a state or territory.
A member of an ACAT Must be a Commonwealth, state and/or territory funded ACAT.
An Aboriginal health worker Can be considered equivalent to a THP if:

  • the person lives in a remote area such as a remote Aboriginal community, AND
  • there is likely to be a delay from obtaining a report from one of the above listed THPs, AND
  • the care receiver's medical condition was originally diagnosed by a medical practitioner.

The decision to use an Aboriginal health worker can only be made by area office.

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