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This topic covers the following matters relating to family allowance (FA), child disability allowance (CDA) and DOP before December 1988:

  • timing of payments, and
  • assets (1.1.A.290) test limits.

Timing of payments

Before 29 December 1988, FA, DOP and CDA were payable for periods commencing from the 15th day of each month and ending on the 14th day of the succeeding month. Although payments were due on the 15th day of each month, they were actually paid on the first or third Tuesday of each month.

FA, DOP and CDA were paid as a combined payment on the first Tuesday of each month to individuals whose FA numbers ended in an 'odd' number and on the third Tuesday of each month to individuals whose FA numbers ended in an 'even' number.

FA, DOP and CDA were shown in weekly amounts in the Social Security Act 1947 and were paid every 4 weeks until 15 May 1979 when monthly payments commenced.

Act reference: Social Security Act 1947, section 87 Payment of family allowance

Assets test limits

Assets test limits on FA (which included hardship provisions) was introduced on 1 January 1992. The assets test was based on 'family assets'. If the value of the family assets was more than $600,000 and the individual did not qualify under the hardship provisions then FA was no longer payable.

The FA assets test hardship provisions applied when:

  • assets were above $600,000
  • the combined estimated taxable income for the current financial year was less than $13,078 (the married rate of pension on 1 January each year) plus $624.00 for each FA child, and
  • the family's liquid assets were less than $6,000 (single) or $10,000 (married).

Act reference: SSAct section 8(1)-'income'

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