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This topic contains information on payments from government capital assistance programs.

Capital assistance from direct government support

Governments can have various funding programs that effectively operate to reduce a capital purchase price of an item, rather than providing any source of income that can be used for self support.

Generally, capital assistance from direct government support paid to a person to reduce their capital outlays to purchase particular items, is not considered as income for social security purposes.

Explanation: To not be assessed as income such amounts would only be provided for the purpose of subsidising the purchase price or installation cost of the relevant capital item, that is, the individual has no discretion to redirect the capital funding for an alternative use.

Example: A person purchases a solar hot water system for $3,500 and receives a government rebate of $1,000 to assist with the installation cost. That $1,000 rebate is not considered income for social security purposes.

Act reference: SSAct section 8 Income test definitions

Policy reference: SS Guide Income exempt from assessment - legislated

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