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This table shows the rates in dollars per annum (p.a.).

Note A
($ p.a.)
08/07/1943 78.00
03/07/1947 104.00
30/06/1949 124.80
01/11/1951 156.00
02/10/1952 182.00
05/10/1961 247.00
03/10/1963 312.00
10/10/1968 364.00
07/10/1971 416.00


This note relates to wife's allowance and/or pension - July 1943 to October 1971:

Note Explanation
A Date on which the new rates became payable.
From 5 October 1972 WP replaced wife's allowance. It became payable at the same rate and subject to the same means test as an Age or invalid pension.

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