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6.1.4 Reviews - assurance of support


A person covered by an AoS (the assuree) is not qualified for a recoverable social security payment, unless the person who provided the AoS (the assurer) is unwilling and/or unable to provide an adequate level of support and/or it would not be reasonable for the assuree to accept that support.

AoS reviews are done to determine if an assuree who has been granted a recoverable social security payment on this basis is still eligible to receive payment.

Act reference: SSAct Chapter 2C Assurances of support

Policy reference: SS Guide 9.4 Assurance of support scheme

Regular 3 monthly AoS reviews

Under an AoS review, a review of the assurer must be done to:

  • determine the assurer's capacity and willingness to support the assuree, and
  • identify any change in the level of support received from the assurer.

The review should cover the following areas:

Assurer review Assuree review
  • income and financial position
  • domestic commitments
  • any assistance, financial or otherwise, being provided to the assuree. This can be personally provided or arranged via third parties.
any assistance, financial or otherwise, being provided by the assurer or third parties.

If the assurer is also a recipient of a social security payment, the full review may not be necessary if some of the details are on the assurer's record.

If there is conflicting information in the assuree/assurer reviews that could affect the rate of payment to the assuree, this must be investigated.

Outcome of an AoS review

As a result of the review, the assuree's payment may be:

  • varied
  • decreased, or
  • cancelled.

Example: If the assuree is receiving SpB, their rate of payment takes into account any income and/or in kind support they are receiving. If the assuree review shows the amount of income and/or in kind support the assuree is receiving (from their assurer or a third party) has changed, their rate of payment may be varied (increased or decreased) accordingly.

Example: If the assurer review shows the assurer is now willing and able to provide an adequate level of support and it is reasonable for the assuree to accept that support, the assuree is no longer qualified for payment and their payment may be cancelled.

Policy reference: SS Guide Determining the rate of SpB, 8.6.4 Date of effect of adverse determinations & automatic cancellations & variations (not involving working credit or student income bank)

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