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5.5.1 Child Support Account


The Child Support Account is established under the CSRC Act to enable Services Australia to transfer to payees the child support payments that are received from payers. From 1 July 2018, the Child Support Account enables Services Australia to transfer payments to payees of a carer liability.

Act references

CSRC Act section 69B, section 73, section 74, section 75, section 76, section 77, section 78


The CSRC Act creates the Child Support Account (the Account) (section 73).

When Services Australia receives any payments for any purpose, they are credited to the Consolidated Revenue Fund (consolidated revenue). Services Australia must transfer the following amounts from consolidated revenue into the Account (section 74(1)):

  • amounts for payment of child support debts or carer debts, including remittances from employers
  • amounts from payers of enforceable maintenance liabilities intended as voluntary payments to payees, and
  • amounts that are to be debited from the Account in making payments mentioned in CSRC Act section 75(1)(c).

Money in the Account can be applied to the following payments (section 75):

  • payments under section 76(1) to payees of registered maintenance liabilities
  • payments under section 69B(3) to payees of carer liabilities
  • payments to payees of enforceable maintenance liabilities where the payer has made a voluntary payment
  • other payments that the Registrar has determined for the purposes of the CSRC Act are payable to persons in respect of child support, and
  • repayment of consolidated revenue when amounts have been transferred from consolidated revenue to top up (5.5.3) payments to payees under sections 77 and 78.

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