5.2 Administrative enforcement


This chapter describes Services Australia's administrative methods of collecting child support. These are actions that Services Australia can take to require payment of child support.

The Registrar can collect child support as voluntary payments from the payer or by intercepting money which would otherwise be payable to a payer (e.g. a tax refund or from their employer). The involvement of a court is not required. The Registrar can exercise certain administrative enforcement powers by issuing a notice. However, legal requirements apply to the form and service of notices, and legal consequences flow from their use.

Each topic below describes the collection method, and the consequences and restrictions which apply to its use.

WA ex-nuptial cases

All of the information in these chapters applies to WA ex-nuptial children.

See 1.4.2 for details of the dates from which various provisions had effect.

In this chapter

This chapter contains the following sections:
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