1.1.G.13 Giving notice (ACCS (child wellbeing))


The act of an approved provider (1.1.A.90) notifying an 'appropriate state or territory body' that a child in their care is considered 'at risk' for the purpose of ACCS (child wellbeing).

An approved provider must give notice:

  • within 6 weeks from an ACCS (child wellbeing) certificate coming into effect, or
  • before applying to Centrelink for an ACCS (child wellbeing) determination.

The provider does not need to give notice if:

  • the provider gave an appropriate state or territory body a notice in relation to the child less than 6 weeks prior to giving the certificate or applying for the determination, or
  • the provider was notified of the risk by an appropriate state or territory agency that deals with matters relating to the welfare of children, or
  • the certificate was cancelled.

Act reference: FA(Admin)Act section 204K Notice to State/Territory body of child at risk of serious abuse or neglect

Policy reference: FA Guide ACCS (child wellbeing) - certificates, ACCS (child wellbeing) - determinations, ACCS (child wellbeing) - giving notice

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