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1.1.M.21 Maintenance income free area (FTB)


The MIFA is the amount of maintenance income (1.1.M.10) that is disregarded for the purposes of the maintenance income test for FTB Part A worked out using Method 1. For the current annual MIFA amounts see

The MIFA varies, depending on:

  • whether the individual is single or has a partner (1.1.P.30)
  • whether the individual and/or their partner is entitled to apply for child maintenance, and
  • the number of FTB children for whom the individual and/or their partner is entitled to apply for child maintenance.

Note: In some situations eligible individuals may be able to utilise unused MIFA from past years to offset late child support payments (

Act reference: FAAct Schedule 1 clause 22 How to calculate an individual's maintenance income free area, Schedule 1 clause 23 Only maintenance actually received taken into account in applying clause 22

Policy reference: FA Guide Current FTB rates & income test amounts, 3.1.7 Maintenance income test, Maintenance income credit

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