1.1.M.55 Minimum amount (FTB advance)


The minimum amount payable to an individual who is eligible for FTB advance, other than a member of a blended family (1.1.B.30), is 3.75% of the FTB child rate for one FTB child ( under 13 years of age. The actual amount is worked out under FAAct Schedule 1 clause 7 (disregarding clauses 8 to 11 of that schedule).

For an eligible member of a blended family, the minimum amount of FTB advance payable is their blended family percentage of the minimum amount as detailed above.

Amounts worked out under this topic are rounded down to the nearest whole cent.

Act reference: FA(Admin)Act section 35C Amount of FTB advance, section 3(1)-'minimum amount'

Policy reference: FA Guide 3.1.11 Advance payment of FTB Part A

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