1.1.T.51 The 12 month rule (ACCS (child wellbeing))


For each child, certificates given by the approved provider (1.1.A.90) in relation to a particular approved child care service (1.1.A.90) cannot be in effect for more than 6 weeks in any 12 month period.

Where certificates have been in effect for a child for 6 weeks at a particular service, the approved provider needs to apply to Centrelink for a determination if the child is still considered 'at risk'.

Example: Cary attends Pink Donkey Child Care Centre and was given a 6-week certificate on 1 October 2018 because he was 'at risk' at the time. It is now 1 August 2019 and Cary is 'at risk' again. Cary cannot be given another certificate because he has been on a certificate for a total of 6 weeks within the last 12 months (between 2 October 2018 and 1 August 2019). The child care provider will need to apply to Centrelink for a determination for Cary.

Act reference: FAAct section 85CB Certification for ACCS (child wellbeing)

Policy reference: FA Guide ACCS (child wellbeing) - certificates, ACCS (child wellbeing) - determinations

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