2.2.1 FTB eligibility criteria for individuals

FTB eligibility for individuals

An individual is eligible for FTB if:

  • they have at least one FTB child in their care (for at least 35% of the time), or
  • they are not an absent overseas individual and have at least one regular care child who is also a RA child, and
  • the individual is an Australian resident, or
  • they are an SCV holder residing in Australia, or
  • they are the holder of a visa approved by the Minister for the purposes of SSAct subparagraph 729(2)(f)(v), or
  • their rate of FTB is greater than nil, and
  • no other provision applies to make them ineligible for FTB.

From 1 January 2019, a NARWP applies to FTB Part A. There is no NARWP for FTB Part B. There are a range of exemptions from the NARWP for FTB and situations where the NARWP does not apply (

Act reference: FAAct section 21 When an individual is eligible for FTB in normal circumstances, section 3(1)-'Australian resident', section 61AA Part A rate of FTB is nil for a day in the newly arrived resident's waiting period, section 58 Rate of FTB

SSAct section 729 Qualification for SpB

Policy reference: FA Guide 2.1.1 FTB child & regular care child, Residence requirements, Verifying residency/citizenship, 3.1 FTB rate calculation, 4.2.1 Summary of the FTB claim process, Regular care child, 1.1.A.130 Australian resident, NARWP for FTB Part A

Only one member of a couple is eligible for FTB at a time

Even though both members of a couple may otherwise be eligible for payment/benefit for an FTB or regular care child, only one member of a couple is eligible at a time.

Exceptions: In some circumstances FTB may be shared including by couples in blended families ( and individuals who claim FTB for a past period prior to separation.

Where both members of a couple claim FTB, a decision as to which person should be paid FTB is based on:

  • which person is the primary carer (1.1.P.120), and
  • whether there is a written agreement nominating one member of the couple as the person to claim FTB.

Act reference: FAAct section 26 Only 1 member of a couple eligible for FTB

Policy reference: FA Guide FTB in blended families, Sharing FTB for separated couple

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