2.7.2 Assistance nominee


For the purposes of the Scheme, an assistance nominee is someone who can assist the person applying for redress in applying for and navigating the Scheme. An assistance nominee is able to enquire about the person they are a nominee for. They will also receive a duplicate copy of all notices given to the person for whom they are nominee for the purpose of the Scheme. The Operator may also directly contact the assistance nominee to discuss matters pertaining to the Scheme. Unlike a legal nominee, an assistance nominee cannot:

  • make an application on behalf of the person
  • accept or decline an offer of redress.

Appointment of an assistance nominee

An assistance nominee can be appointed where both the person applying for the Scheme and the proposed nominee provide written consent. This can be done through the Redress Nominee Form.

Notice that an assistance nominee has been appointed

Where the Operator appoints a nominee, a copy of the appointment will be provided to both the nominee and the person applying for redress. Once appointed, the Operator can provide notices to both the person and the nominee.

Act reference: NRSAct Part 4-2 Division 2 Appointment of nominees, Part 4-2 Division 3 Duties, functions and responsibilities of nominees

Policy reference: Redress Guide 2.7 Nominees

Last reviewed: 1 July 2019