9.3.6 Review of the Scheme


The Minister for Families and Social Services must commence a review of the Scheme as soon as possible after:

  • the second anniversary of the Scheme start day, and
  • the eighth anniversary of the Scheme start day.

The scope of the reviews must include all of the following matters:

  • the extent to which the States, participating Territories and non-government institutions have opted into the Scheme, including key facilitators and barriers to opting in
  • the extent to which survivors who are eligible for redress under the Scheme have applied for redress
  • the extent to which redress has been provided to survivors who are entitled to redress under the Scheme
  • the application, assessment and decision-making process, including user experiences of the process
  • redress payments
  • access to counselling and psychological services under the Scheme
  • the extent to which survivors access direct personal responses under the Scheme, including factors influencing the uptake and experiences with the direct personal response process
  • the availability of, and access to, support services under the Scheme
  • the implications of the Scheme's design for survivors (including Indigenous and child migrant survivors as well as survivors who are still children or who have a criminal conviction)
  • the operation of the Scheme's funding arrangements (including a review of the Scheme administration component of funding contribution for participating institutions' share of the costs of the administration of the Scheme)
  • the operation of the funder of last resort provisions
  • the extent to which the Scheme has been implemented as proposed in the National Redress Scheme Agreement
  • the views of key stakeholders on the Scheme (including representatives from survivor groups, non-government institutions, advocacy groups, support services provider groups, the Independent Advisory Council, the Commonwealth, the States and the Territories)
  • the administration of this Act and the Scheme
  • any other matter relevant to the operation of this Act or the Scheme
  • the results of any other review or evaluation conducted in relation to the operation of the Scheme.
Act reference: NRSAct section 192 Review of the scheme
Last reviewed: 1 July 2019