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6.3.2 Notice of debts


If a debt due to the Commonwealth has not been paid in full, Centrelink must give the person a notice in respect of the debt.

The notice must specify:

  • the date the notice was issued
  • the reason for the debt
  • the period to which the debt relates
  • the debt amount
  • the day the amount is due and payable, i.e. 28 days after the date of the notice
  • that an interest charge may be applied to the debt if the person does not enter into a payment arrangement
  • that an interest charge may be applied to the debt if the person fails to comply with a payment arrangement or the payment arrangement is terminated
  • payment options, and
  • contact details for enquiries concerning the debt.

For a debt that has arisen by way of an employer receiving more in PPL funding amounts than is paid in instalments to the employee the name of the person to whom, or in relation to whom, the instalment is payable must also be included in the debt notice.

More than one notice may be issued in relation to a debt.

Act reference: PPLAct section 173 Notices in respect of debt, section 174 Interest charge-no debt payment arrangement in effect, section 175 Interest charge-failure to comply with or termination of debt payment arrangement

Policy reference: PPL Guide 6.3.3 Interest charge on debts

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