1.1.J.20 Job capacity assessor


Job capacity assessors are medical, health and allied health professionals who are employed by DHS, including:

  • accredited exercise physiologists,
  • doctors,
  • registered physiotherapists,
  • registered nurses,
  • registered occupational therapists,
  • registered psychologists,
  • rehabilitation counsellors,
  • social workers,
  • speech pathologists.

Job capacity assessors:

  • are registered or eligible for full registration with their relevant professional body and have mandatory accreditation or competency-based standards, allowing them to practise without any supervisory requirements, and
  • meet all relevant state or territory registration requirements.

In states or territories where a registering body does not operate, job capacity assessors hold qualifications that would make them eligible for registration in another state or territory.

A job capacity assessor's qualifications generally align with the Impairment Table/s relevant to an individual's primary medical condition. In situations where they do not align, a secondary contributing assessor holding a professional qualification that aligns with the relevant Impairment Table/s reviews the medical evidence and assessment recommendations.

Policy reference: SS Guide 3.6.2 Assessment for DSP

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