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Denmark's social security system

Denmark has a State funded pension system that provides old-age pensions and disability pensions. Qualification under the Social Pension Act is based on the number of years a person has resided in Denmark. Pensions are income tested. The contributory based Labour Market Supplementary Pension (Danish ATP Pension), labour market pensions for the civil service, professions, industries or companies and individual private savings plans also provide sources of retirement income.

The Agreement refers to pensions paid under 2 pieces of legislation:

  • the Social Pensions Act and regulations made thereunder, and
  • the Labour Market Supplementary Pension (ATP) and the regulations made thereunder.


The Danish Ministry of Social Affairs (Socialministeriet) has overall responsibility for social security in Denmark. The National Security Agency (Pensionsstyrelsen) is responsible for the consideration of applications and appeals under the Social Pensions Act. The Labour Market Supplementary Pension Office (Arbejdmarkedets Tillagspension) is responsible for the consideration of applications and appeals under the Labour Market Supplementary Pensions Act.

Act reference: SS(IntAgree)Act Schedule 12 Denmark

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