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10.17.100 Croatian Glossary


This section contains definitions of terms applicable to the Agreement with Croatia.

Anticipatory Pension

As at 2004 males aged 58 with 35 years of contributions and females aged 53 with 30 years of contributions. The age requirement will gradually change until 2008 when they will be 60 years of age for males and 55 years for women.

Australian Disability Support Pension

The Agreement limits DSP to those people who are severely disabled.


For Australia, the term 'benefit' means Age and DSP for the severely disabled. It includes any additional amount or increase that is payable to or in respect of a person who qualifies for that additional amount or increase.

For Croatia, 'benefit' means:

  • Old-age pension,
  • Anticipatory pension,
  • Disability pension,
  • Survivor's pension, and
  • all other benefits covered under the Pension Insurance legislation.
Compensation Allowance

Awarded to insured persons for the loss of, or damage to, a part of the body or of an organ resulting from an occupational injury or disease. Must be at least a 30% loss.

Croatian Pensions

A two-pillar system was introduced in 2 stages in January 1999 and January 2002. Persons over 50 when the new system was implemented are insured under the first pillar only and receive a 'regular' pension. Participation in the two-pillar system is mandatory for those up to age 40 and voluntary for those aged between 40 and 50; their first pillar benefit is the basic pension, and the second pillar benefit is based on assets in an individual account. Benefits for disability and survivors insurance are paid under the first pillar only, and contributions paid to the individual account are transferred to the Croatian Pensions Institute.

Croatian Period of Insurance, Period of Insurance

Means a period of contribution and any other period taken into account under Croatian legislation.

Disability Benefits

Paid where there is a permanent reduction in, or loss of, the ability to work that may be caused by an occupational or non-occupational injury or disease. The full amount is paid if the disability has resulted in loss of employment. For those still in employment, benefits are awarded in relation to the assessed degree of loss in work capacity. Higher awards are made for a disability resulting from a work injury or occupational disease.

Disability Pension

Payable where there is a permanent loss of the ability to work due to incurable changes in health occurring in males under 65 years of age or females under 60 years of age. Insurance coverage for at least 1/3 of the working life required. No minimum qualifying period if disability is the consequence of work injury or occupational disease.


In relation to Croatia means the laws, regulations and other provisions governing Pension Insurance and all other benefits covered under the Pension Insurance legislation.

In relation to Australia means the Acts that make up the social security law that applies to Age and DSP for the severely disabled. It also applies to the Superannuation Guarantee (Administration) Act 1992, the Superannuation Guarantee Charge Act 1992 and the Superannuation (Administration) Regulations.

Occupational Disability Pension

Paid where a person has a 50% or more permanent reduction in the capacity to work for males under 65 years and females under 60 years of age. There is no minimum qualifying period.

Old-Age Pension

(Regular and Basic). As at 2004 males age 63 with 17 years insurance and females aged 58 and 17 years of insurance. These ages will gradually change until 2008 when they will be 65 years with 15 years of contributions for males and 60 years with 15 years of contributions for females.

Period of Australian Working Life Residence

Means a period of Australian working life residence as defined in the SS(IntAgree)Act, but excludes a period deemed to be a period of Australian residence under Article 13 of the Agreement.

Survivors Pension

Paid where the deceased was a:

  • pensioner,
  • occupational rehabilitation beneficiary, or
  • insured person who met the qualifying period conditions for a disability pension and had:
    • completed 5 years of insurance coverage, or
    • 10 years qualifying period.

Territory means:

  • in relation to Australia,

    • Australia as defined in the legislation of Australia, and
  • in relation to Croatia,
    • the territory of the Republic of Croatia.
Territory of Croatia, Croatia

Croatia means the Republic of Croatia. If you are unsure whether an area is covered by the Agreement with Croatia, contact Centrelink International Services who will liaise with the Croatian Administration.

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