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Exempt payments

Article 17, paragraph 1 of the Agreement provides that:

  • any means tested Norwegian benefit or supplement,
  • any Norwegian benefits that cover specific costs, and
  • Norwegian social assistance payments,

are to be considered exempt income under the Australian income test. This exemption only applies to people receiving an Australian age pension or DSP (for the severely disabled) who are residing outside Australia.

Article 17 of the Agreement also exempts, for people both inside and outside Australia, Norway's War Injury Pensions paid to the partner of a recipient of Australian age pension or DSP (for those outside Australia only for the severely disabled), if the partner does not receive or is not entitled to a pension under the SSAct or the VEA.

Allowances for medical and dental treatment are also exempt if these allowances relate to payments under the:

  • War Pensions Act of 1946 for members of the Resistance Movement and Civilians,
  • War Pensions Act of 1946 for Military Personnel,
  • Amendment Act of 1968, or
  • Amendment Act of 1951, Chapter IV.

Act reference: SS(IntAgree)Act Schedule 19 Norway

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