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Totalising for a Czech benefit

Article 13 of the Agreement covers totalisation to qualify for a Czech benefit.

Entitlement to a Czech benefit is subject to a minimum creditable period.

People who do not have the minimum creditable period for Czech age pension can add periods of AWLR to the Czech insurance periods to meet the minimum requirement.

Residents of the Czech Republic (but not residents of Australia) can also totalise to meet minimum requirements for Czech disability and survivors' benefits.

Note: In order to use the Agreement to totalise for a Czech benefit, a person must have a creditable period (or periods) of at least one year.

If, after totalising, the person has no entitlement to a Czech benefit, insurance periods in a third country can be taken into account for the purposes of qualifying for a Czech benefit, provided a social security agreement exists between the 2 countries that provides for such treatment.

Act reference: SS(IntAgree)Act Schedule 27 Czech Republic

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