The Guides to Social Policy Law is a collection of publications designed to assist decision makers administering social policy law. The information contained in this publication intended only as a guide to social security payments. The information is accurate as at the date listed at the bottom of the page, but may be subject to change. To discuss individual circumstances please contact Services Australia. Store licensing arrangements

Circumstances in which a store will no longer be able to participate in income management arrangements

The Secretary may determine that a particular community store is required to have a community store licence under Stronger Futures in the Northern Territory Act 2012 section 41. If, having regard to the assessable matters, the Secretary is satisfied that a licence is required, the Secretary can issue a notice stating that the store is required to hold a community store license by a certain date.

If the Secretary has determined that a store requires a licence and it does not have a license in effect, the store will not be able to accept income managed funds on the BasicsCard ( or credit income managed funds to a store account ( If the store is unlicensed when the Secretary has required that the store be licensed, then Centrelink will revoke BasicsCard approval. If a community store licence is required and subsequently is granted, the store will again be able to receive income management funds.

Stores will also not be able to participate in income management arrangements if the Secretary revokes a licence, or requires a licence to be in place but, after assessment, either refuses to grant a licence or refuses to extend the period of effect of a licence where the owner has applied for such an extension.

In certain circumstances, a one-off payment for a person may be made from income managed funds by Centrelink, to an unlicensed store (

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