11.4.3 Payments Income Managed under the VWPR Measure

Income managed payments under the VWPR Measure

A person may be subject to income management under the VWPR Measure if, at the test time, the person is an eligible recipient of a category H welfare payment. For a full list of category H payments, see

Welfare payments are income managed under the VWPR Measure at the following rate:

  • instalments of category I welfare payments ( (which include category H payments and instalments paid via immediate hardship payments), other than instalments of baby bonus, are income managed at a rate of 50%, and
  • lump sums, instalments of baby bonus, advance payments, arrears and relocation scholarship payments are income managed at a rate of 100%.

Note: Crisis Payments are not subject to income management.

SS(Admin)Act section 123TK provides that a person is an 'eligible recipient' of a relevant welfare payment beginning on the start day for the payment and ending when the payment is cancelled. This means that even if the trigger welfare payment is suspended or reduced to a 'zero rate' for a period, the person is an eligible recipient during that period.

Act reference: SS(Admin)Act section 123TK Eligible recipient

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