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11.9.2 Eligibility for income management under the SPAR measure

Note: Entrance to the income management regime closed 4 September 2023

Following commencement of the Social Security (Administration) Amendment (Income Management Reform) Act 2023, people currently subject to the income management regime can choose to move to the enhanced income management regime.

Please refer to Part 12 Enhanced income management regime.


A person is subject to the SPAR Measure under SS(Admin)Act section 123UFAA if, at a point in time:

  • the person or their partner is an eligible recipient of a trigger payment (
  • the person does not have an excluded Part 3B payment nominee
  • the person is not subject to income management under SS(Admin)Act section 123UC, 123UF (under the Child Protection or Cape York Measure)
  • a written notice requiring that the person be subject to income management, under SS(Admin)Act section 123UFAA has been given to the delegate by a officer or employee of a recognised state/territory authority ( (and has not been withdrawn or revoked), and
  • the state or territory is a recognised state or territory.

A person will also be subject to income management under SPAR if they have a Part 3B payment nominee who is subject to income management under SPAR, and the person is not currently subject to an income management measure in their own right. The principal does not have to meet any of the eligibility criteria to be income managed under this measure other than to have a current Part 3B payment nominee who is being income managed under SPAR. If the person was on VIM prior to their nominee being placed on SPAR, the person can remain on VIM.

Act reference: SS(Admin)Act section 123UFAA Persons subject to the income management regime—other State/Territory referrals, section 123TC-'excluded Part 3B payment nominee', section 123UF Persons subject to the income management regime—Queensland Commission, section 123TGAA Recognised State/Territory authority, section 123TGAB Recognised State or Territory

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