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Reasons for exit

There are 6 main circumstances in which a person may cease to be subject to income management under the SPAR measure. These may occur when:

  • the period of income management specified in the original notice ends
  • an officer of employee of a recognised state or territory authority withdraws or revokes the notice to apply income management
  • the person's category H welfare payment (SS(Admin)Act section 123TC-'category H welfare payment') (and/or partner's payment, if applicable) has been cancelled
  • the person becomes subject to the Cape York or Child Protection measure
  • an excluded SS(Admin)Act Part 3B payment nominee is appointed in relation to the person, or the person's existing SS(Admin)Act Part 3B payment nominee becomes an excluded SS(Admin)Act Part 3B payment nominee, or
  • the person has died.

Note: Any income management balance remaining would be paid to the person's estate as a lump sum, regardless of the amount remaining (

Act reference: SS(Admin)Act section 123TC-'category H welfare payment', section 123TC-'excluded Part 3B payment nominee', section 123UFAA Persons subject to the income management regime-other State/Territory referrals

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