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Bereavement payments are made as a temporary continuation of a person's payment or as a lump sum payment. The temporary continuation of a person's payment where they otherwise may no longer be eligible for that payment makes it easier for survivors to adjust to changed financial circumstances after a death. Lump sum payments are designed to assist eligible social security recipients with the immediate expenses associated with a death.

Bereavement payments may be paid in respect of:

  • a single pension recipient
  • a partner
  • a care receiver, or
  • a dependent child.

Bereavement payments for adults

Bereavement payments for adults, including payments made in respect of a single pensioner, partner or care receiver, are outlined in subsequent topics.

Bereavement payments for dependent children

Bereavement payments for people receiving a social security payment in respect of a dependent child are outlined in subsequent topics.

Information about FTB and related issues such as bereavement payments can be found in the FA Guide.

Act reference: FAAct section 31 Continued eligibility for FTB if an FTB or regular care child dies

Policy reference: FA Guide FTB child, Death of an FTB or regular care child

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