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The child bereavement provision allows for continuation of PP for a period of 14 weeks following the death of a PP child (1.1.P.340), without whom a recipient would no longer be qualified to receive payment. The 14-week period starts from the date of the child’s death and ONLY applies if following the death of the child, there are no other qualifying children for PP.

The PP recipient is entitled to periodic payments during the bereavement period, as entitlement relating to bereavement of a PP child is not paid as a lump sum. The rate payable is calculated as if the child had not died.

The following table explains the other provisions unique to PP.

If during the bereavement period the … then …
recipient's income changes the rate of PP is affected accordingly.
deceased child would have turned:
  • 14 for PPS recipients, or
  • 6 for PPP recipients
the bereavement period continues to cover a 14-week period from the date of the child's death.

Act reference: SSAct section 512 Death of PP child—continuation of qualification for 14 weeks, section 5(2) to (8A) Dependent child …

Policy reference: FA Guide Death of an FTB or regular care child

Childbirth - child died before PP granted

A person who has given birth to a child has 4 weeks, after the birth of the child, to make a claim for a social security payment. The start date for the social security payment is the first day on which the person is qualified for the payment. A person claiming PP can still be paid during the bereavement period EVEN IF the child died before PP was granted.

Example: An only child was born on 11 April 2014 and died on 20 April 2014. PP would have been payable from 11 April 2014 until the end of the bereavement period, provided the claim was lodged within 4 weeks of the date of birth.

Act reference: SS(Admin)Act Schedule 2 clause 10 Claim soon after childbirth

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