Death of a care receiver - CA


A person receiving CA (child) may qualify for a bereavement payment upon the death of the child they were caring for.

A person receiving CA (adult) and an income support payment (other than CP) may qualify for a CA bereavement payment upon the death of their care receiver.

Act reference: SSAct section 992J Continued CA during bereavement rate continuation period where disabled child dies, section 992K Lump sum payable in some circumstances, section 992L Continuation of qualification for CA for 4 weeks in some cases where recipient's disabled child dies

FAAct section 3(1)-'FTB child'

Policy reference: SS Guide Continuation, variation or termination of CA, Bereavement provisions for CA

FA Guide 2.2 FTB eligibility for individuals, Death of an FTB or regular care child

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