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The following table lists the circumstances in which payment of Austudy may change.

Payment of Austudy … if the recipient …
is terminated
  • loses basic qualification
  • transfers to another payment
  • fails to comply with a notification requirement
  • fails to lodge a mandatory continuation form for a specified period
may be varied
  • or their partner, has a change in circumstances
  • has a partner who starts to receive a social security benefit or DVA pension
  • is being paid an incorrect amount of Austudy.

Where necessary, these circumstances are explained in more detail in the rest of this topic.

Act reference: SS(Admin)Act section 90 Automatic cancellation-transfer to new payment type

Death of recipient

The estate of a deceased single Austudy recipient is NOT entitled to one further instalment after their death. However, payment should be made up to the date of death to the person best entitled to receive it.

If the recipient was a member of a couple (1.1.M.120), the partner may qualify for some bereavement assistance.

Policy reference: SS Guide 3.1.5 Bereavement payment provisions

Death of partner

If the recipient is a member of a couple and their partner dies the recipient may qualify for some bereavement assistance.

Act reference: SSAct section 592 Qualification for payments under this Division, section 23(1) Dictionary

Policy reference: SS Guide 3.1.5 Bereavement payment provisions

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