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Qualification (1.1.Q.10) criteria

To qualify for Austudy, a person must meet ALL of the criteria listed in the following table. If more detail about a criterion is required, the second column indicates where you will find this.

Criterion More detail
Satisfy the activity test by undertaking qualifying study (1.1.Q.40), (If enrolled in an accelerator program (otherwise known as a Startup Year course), students must also be entitled to STARTUP-HELP assistance), OR 3.3.4 Satisfying the activity test for Austudy
Is a full-time Australian Apprentice (1.1.A.324), AND This topic
Be of Austudy age, AND This topic
Satisfy the residence requirements (1.1.R.210). 3.1.1 Residence requirements

Activity test

A person satisfies the activity test if they are undertaking qualifying study.

A person does NOT satisfy the activity test if they have completed a course for:

  • a doctorate or a qualification of the same standing at an Australian institution, OR
  • a qualification of the same standing from an overseas institution.

Note: Secondary and tertiary students who are not undertaking full-time study, may still qualify for Austudy if they meet the requirements for concessional study-load students (1.1.C.290).

Note: Full-time Australian Apprentices do not have activity test requirements but are required to satisfy the definition of a full-time Australian Apprentice in order to maintain qualification for Austudy.

Act reference: SSAct section 569A Undertaking qualifying study, section 23(1) Dictionary, section 568 Qualification for Austudy—general rule, section 568AA Qualification for Austudy—new apprentices

Policy reference: SS Guide 3.3.4 Satisfying the activity test for Austudy

Austudy age

Austudy age is 25 years or more.

A person is NOT considered to be Austudy age if:

  • at age 25 they are still undertaking a course which they commenced before they turned 25, AND
  • they were receiving YA immediately before their birthday, OR
  • they were undertaking a full-time Australian Apprenticeship (and receiving YA) immediately before their 25th birthday, AND
  • they are still undertaking a full-time Australian Apprenticeship.

These students/full-time Australian Apprentices remain on YA until the completion of their course/Australian Apprenticeship.

Act reference: SSAct section 570 Austudy age

Proper claim

A person must generally lodge a proper claim before Austudy can be granted.

Act reference: SS(Admin)Act section 11 General rule

Policy reference: SS Guide Claim lodgement - general provisions

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