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1.1.C.290 Concessional study-load student (Austudy, PES, YA)


For the purposes of Austudy and PES, a concessional study-load student is a person who:

  • is enrolled (1.1.E.110) in, or intends to enrol in, an approved course (1.1.A.210), and
  • is undertaking at least 66% or 25% of the normal amount of full-time study (1.1.F.230).

In the case of a person who intends enrolling they must intend to undertake at least 66% or 25% of the normal amount of full-time study.

It may be possible for a student's minimum required study-load to be reduced to two-thirds (66%) of the normal full-time study-load if it is not possible to study 75% of the full-time load because of:

  • the institution's normal requirements for the course
  • a specific direction in writing from the academic registrar or equivalent officer, OR
  • a recommendation in writing from the academic registrar or equivalent officer for academic or vocational reasons. This reason may only be applied for the maximum of half an academic year.

Example: Timetable clashes, subject prerequisites not satisfied because of failure or other reasons, subject cancelled or over-enrolled, or reduced study-load needed to complete the course.

YA students are ONLY eligible for the 66% concessional study-load.

25% students

The rules regarding which students can qualify under a 25% concessional study-load, differ between Austudy and PES. The rules are explained in the respective payments in Part 3 of the SS Guide. The 25% concessional study-load does not apply to YA recipients.

Act reference: SSAct section 569D Concessional study-load students, section 1061PE Concessional study-load students, section 541B(2) Meaning of normal amount of full-time study

Policy reference: SS Guide Austudy & students with disabilities, PES concessional study-load students

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