1.1.C.200 Combined DCLA scores of 2 children (CA (child))


For the purposes of CA (child), the combined DCLA (1.1.D.170) scores of 2 children are used to qualify a person for CA where each child alone does not qualify the carer for payment. To qualify by combining the DCLA scores, the carer must have 2 dependent children (1.1.D.70) with disability and a total score from combining contributing ACLs from the DCLA of 85 or more. Each child must also have a THP score greater than zero (1.1.T.100).


This recognises the impact on a family of 2 children with disability whose individual care requirements are moderate but when considered together are intense. A person who qualifies on this basis will be paid CA as if they only had one qualifying child.

Explanation: They will receive only one fortnightly payment of CA for the 2 children.

Act reference: SSAct section 953 Qualification for carer allowance-caring for either 1 or 2 disabled children

Policy reference: SS Guide Qualification for CA (child) with combined DCLA scores of 2 children

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