1.1.C.350 Continuous support (YA, DSP)


For the purposes of YA and DSP, continuous support is regular and ongoing assistance to the young person's upkeep (1.1.U.60). Support varies somewhat between independence categories but can generally be direct or indirect, financial or in kind. Different categories of independence require an assessment of support from difference sources. For some independence categories support is not assessed at all.

Example: Support can include accommodation and food.

The delegate must determine that the support is likely to continue and that, when considered with other support being provided, it is adequate for the young person to meet their basic needs, taking into account the full circumstances of the case. Continuous support does NOT include support:

  • provided in a manipulative or vindictive way, OR
  • where conditions are placed on the support, such that the young person's physical or emotional health is compromised.

Act reference: SSAct section 1067A(9)(b) Unreasonable to live at home

Policy reference: SS Guide 3.2.5 YA, DSP & SpB for independent young people

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