1.1.U.60 Upkeep (YA)


For the purposes of YA, upkeep refers to a payment from a state or territory for items of a physical, tangible nature that are necessities of life for a young person in state care (1.1.S.320).

Example: Food, shelter, clothing, and utilities.

There is no requirement for the payment to be adequate, or for it to be ongoing.

Example: A young person who has been placed in a youth refuge by their Department of Community Services (DOCS) case manager is in supported state care where the organisation providing the care receives government funding in connection with the person's upkeep, for which the person is qualified. Where the organisation receives government funding which is not for the purposes of the person's upkeep, the person is in unsupported state care.

Act reference: SSAct section 1067 Definitions (YA)

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