1.1.C.80 Category 2 student (SFSS)

Note: No new financial supplement loans are available from 1 January 2004.

For existing loans, a person's loan repayment arrangements will continue unchanged. Remaining loans will be collected via the taxation system.

The following SFSS guideline references remain for historical purposes.


For the purposes of the SFSS, a Category 2 student is a tertiary student who does NOT qualify for the general rate of YA because of the effect of the parental income test, the family actual means test and/or the family assets test.

Note: The general rate of YA excludes RA, PhA, RAA.

To be eligible for a Category 2 SFSS loan, a student's combined parental income and/or family actual means (if relevant) must be less than the Category 2 threshold level.

Act reference: SSAct Chapter 2B Student Financial Supplement Scheme

Policy reference: SS Guide 1.1.C.70 Category 1 student (SFSS)

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