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1.1.C.230 Comparable foreign payments (CFPs)


This definition applies to the following payments:

  • age pension
  • parenting payment
  • disability support pension, and
  • carer payment.

Note: This definition also previously applied to WP, WidB and BVA, which ceased from 20 March 2020, and WA, which ceased from 1 January 2022.

Definition of a CFP

A CFP is a payment that is similar to an Australian social security pension and regulated through another country's national social security laws. It is paid periodically to provide income in respect of:

  • retirement
  • old age
  • invalidity
  • disability
  • widowhood, or
  • survivorship.

It also includes:

  • payments made to a partner or carer, and
  • payments from entities, such as companies and business enterprises, that are regulated through a foreign country's national social security law.

The following are NOT CFPs:

  • payments through private or voluntary investment schemes, such as private superannuation-like schemes or private annuities, and
  • war, service and restitution pensions and compensation payments from other countries.

Act reference: SSAct section 23(1)-'comparable foreign payment'

Policy reference: SS Guide 7.3 Comparable foreign payments, 4.3.6 Income from overseas, including pensions, war pensions & restitution payments

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