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1.1.C.55 Carer Specialised Assessment Team (CSAT) (CP (child))


The CSAT is a team of Centrelink social workers who provide advice to the delegate for CP (child) claims that are complex or borderline.

The CSAT undertake follow up action to clarify responses to the ACL questionnaire process in the DCLA (Child).

The CSAT assists in specific cases where: the application is complex; the assessment result of the ACL is unclear or ambiguous; and situations which are borderline, new, unique, or otherwise not covered in the DCLA.

Certain situations will trigger a referral for an assessment by a CSAT such as:

  • the ACL grand total is just below the threshold for an ACL qualifying score, or
  • where the introduction of additional information about the care load may result in qualification for the carer of CP (child).

Note: For full details of referrals to a CSAT see

Referrals to the CSAT are made prior to the delegate's decision of a CP (child) claim outcome.

Policy reference: SS Guide Referrals to the Carer Specialised Assessment Team (CSAT)

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