1.1.C.370 Cusp adjustment - DCLA (CP (child), CA (child))


For the purposes of CP (child) and CA (child), a cusp adjustment is an adjustment made at the 8th step of the DCLA (1.1.D.170) professional questionnaire if:

  • the THP (1.1.T.170) score is insufficient for CP or CA to be granted, BUT
  • the child is within 3 months of entering a new chronological stage of development.

The adjustment is made by reassessing the child against the next chronological stage of development for each of the functional domains (1.1.F.280) in which they had a negative score.

Act reference: Disability Care Load Assessment (Child) Determination 2010 Schedule 2 Part 2 Step 8

Policy reference: SS Guide 1.1.D.130 Developmental milestones - DCLA (CP (child), CA (child)), 1.1.T.100 THP score greater than zero (CA (child)), DCLAD (child) professional questionnaire scoring steps 8 & 9 - age amended THP total score

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