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1.1.E.110 Enrolled (YA, Austudy)


For the purposes of YA and Austudy, a person is considered to be enrolled in a course if they have met the institution's requirements for enrolment. For tertiary students this would normally involve:

  • the payment of administrative fees as required by the institution
  • obtaining a timetable
  • nominating and attending tutorials or classes, and
  • completing coursework and assessments.

To be considered a full-time student, a person must be enrolled AND undertaking a full-time study (1.1.F.230) load. The only exception is for continuing students who were undertaking and intend to undertake a full-time load at the end of vacation periods.

Note: Please note that a YA recipient may still be considered as enrolled if they have fulfilled the study criteria to the satisfaction of the institution, though they may not be recorded as enrolled because the fees were paid after the institution's payment cut-off date. Verification should be sought to show that the institution's records have been amended and that the student is now considered as correctly enrolled.

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