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1.1.E.135 Evidentiary certificate (PBS)


For the purposes of PBS, an evidentiary certificate is a certificate supplied by Centrelink to PBS members, to acknowledge that they have met the work test for the period indicated on the certificate.

What is the certificate used for?

An evidentiary certificate is used by the member when they claim the bonus, as proof that the work test has been met for the period covered on the certificate. In this case, the member does not need to produce their record-keeping requirements for that period.

Explanation: Centrelink will maintain a record of evidentiary certificates that have been issued to simplify the assessment of a bonus when it is claimed.

An evidentiary certificate issued by Centrelink would be accepted by DVA as proof of having passed the work test for the period covered. Similarly, an evidentiary certificate issued by DVA would be accepted by Centrelink.

Example: If a partner depended upon that work or if the person transferred membership.

When is an evidentiary certificate available?

A member of the scheme can request Centrelink to provide an evidentiary certificate at the end of each bonus period (1.1.B.80) they complete. This may be a part-year or full-year bonus period. The evidentiary certificate is issued by Centrelink when the member has provided sufficient evidence that they:

  • were an accruing member (1.1.A.20) of the scheme during the period, AND
  • have met the work test requirement for the bonus period.

Centrelink can refuse to issue an evidentiary certificate if the member does not provide sufficient evidence to satisfy the delegate that these conditions have been met.

Act reference: SSAct section 93B Evidentiary certificate

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