1.1.E.90 Employer provided benefit (YA)


For the purposes of the YA parental means test (1.1.P.45) an employer provided benefit is a benefit an employer provides to, or on behalf of, an employee for the employee's, or in some cases their family's, private use.

Example: Employer provided benefits include:

  • cars
  • school fees
  • private health insurance
  • low interest loans
  • housing assistance
  • financial investments, and
  • expense benefits.

Example: Some of the most common types of expense benefits include:

  • novated car lease
  • telephone expenses
  • holiday expenses
  • medical or hospital expenses
  • union dues/professional association membership fees
  • fuel and/or power expenses, including electricity, gas, oil or firewood
  • entertainment
  • grocery bills
  • credit card accounts
  • sporting or social club fees, and
  • child care expenses.

Amounts paid to meet or reimburse expenses incurred in connection with the employee's employment are NOT employer provided benefits.

Act reference: SSAct section 1067G-F11 Income components for tax year, section 8(1)-'income amount'

Policy reference: SS Guide Dependent YA - parental income test

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