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1.1.E.162 Exchanged care (CP)


For the purposes of CP, exchanged care is where a divorced or separated parent exchanges the care of 2 or more qualifying children (1.1.Q.17) with the children's other parent/s on a regular basis.

The terms of the exchanged care must be detailed in one or more registered parenting plans, parenting plans or parenting orders. Each parent claiming/receiving CP has a qualifying child in their care at all times.

Exception: A carer CANNOT qualify for CP under the exchanged care provisions for the exchange of a profoundly disabled child, or 2 or more disabled children that require a level of care that is at least equivalent to the level of care required by a profoundly disabled child. If a parent wishes to exchange the care of a profoundly disabled child or 2 or more disabled children with another parent, they will need to test their eligibility for CP (child) under the new (1 July 2009) qualification provisions.

Note: It is not necessary for both/all parents to qualify for CP (child) for the exchange care provision to apply to one of them.

Act reference: SSAct section 197F Qualification-exchanged care of children, Schedule 1A clause 141 Saving-profoundly disabled child and disabled child

Policy reference: SS Guide Qualification for CP

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