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1.1.A.324 Australian Apprentice (YA, Austudy)


For the purposes of the definition of new apprentice for YA and Austudy, a person must satisfy the following requirements:

  • the person is employed under a training contract as a full-time apprentice, and
  • the training contract has been submitted to a state or territory training authority for approval as a full-time apprenticeship under the scheme known as Australian Apprenticeships.

The terms Australian Apprenticeships and Australian Apprentices cover all apprenticeship and traineeship arrangements - both new and traditional. Australian Apprenticeships can cover full or part-time work. The part-time arrangements are also available to school students.

Full-time Australian Apprentices

A full-time Australian Apprentice is a person who satisfies the following conditions:

  • has signed a training contract with an employer to undertake a full-time Australian Apprenticeship
  • training contract has been submitted for approval to a State Training Authority for the person to undertake a full-time apprenticeship under the scheme known as Australian Apprenticeships, and
  • is employed as a full-time apprentice.

Act reference: SSAct section 23(1)-'new apprentice'

Social Security (New Apprentice) Determination 2016

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