1.1.A.270 Articulated short course sequence (YA, Austudy, PES)


For the purposes of YA, PES and Austudy, an articulated short course sequence is when 2 or more short courses are linked together to form the same award or accreditation. YA, PES, and Austudy may be paid between each course if the break is not greater than 28 days, or longer where there are circumstances beyond the student's control.

An articulated short course sequence that lasts more than 30 weeks, including vacations, that is not a late starting course, (1.1.L.30) is treated like a full year course (1.1.F.210) when deciding what period PES is paid for.

Act reference: SSAct section 23(10E)-'articulated short course sequence', section 23(10F) For the purposes of subsection (10E) …

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