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1.1.A.78 Adult Disability Assessment Tool (ADAT) (CA (adult), CP)


The ADAT measures the level of care needed by an adult (16 years or older) because of a disability or severe medical condition for the purpose of assessing eligibility for CA (adult) and CP (adult).

The ADAT measures care needs in terms of how much assistance an adult requires with basic activities such as eating, bathing and behaviour management. In doing so it takes account of the adult's physical, cognitive and/or behavioural disabilities. The ADAT is effective regardless of the type of disability or medical condition the adult may have. The ADAT does not assess higher activities of daily living such as managing finances, housework, cooking, shopping, laundry or gardening.

The ADAT was developed in consultation with representatives of peak disability and consumer groups and with specialists in adult disability from a range of medical and allied health professional backgrounds.

Act reference: SSAct section 197(1)-'disabled adult', section 198 Qualification - disabled adult or disabled adult and dependent child (CP), section 952-'disabled adult', section 954 Qualification for CA-caring for a disabled adult

Policy reference: SS Guide Qualification for CP, Qualification for CA

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