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Telephone rental concession income limits

To qualify for the telephone rental concession (TRC), an eligible income support recipient (other than a recipient of war widow or blind pension) had to satisfy the income and assets (1.1.A.290) limits. In addition, they could not qualify for TRC if they were living with another person who had income above the limits shown in the table. There was no assets limit on other persons residing with the income support recipient. The table shows the limits in dollars per fortnight (pf).

Date Income limit for person living with the income support recipient
($ pf)
1 Nov 1979 Note A 87.90
1 May 1980 91.05
1 Nov 1980 Note B 94.10
1 May 1981 96.65
1 Nov 1981 99.70
1 May 1982 104.15
1 Nov 1982 119.25
1 May 1983 124.35
1 Nov 1983 129.40
1 May 1984 134.40
1 Nov 1984 136.90
1 May 1985 140.30
14 Nov 1985 145.40
1 May 1986 151.10
1 Dec 1986 Note C 161.70
1 Jan 1988 Note D 170.00
1 Jan 1989 191.00
1 Jan 1990 215.00
1 Jan 1991 228.00


These notes relate to TRC income limits:

Note Explanation
A Limits applied before this date. If there is any need to know details before 1979, inquiries should be directed to the area office.
B The concession was extended to certain recipients of sickness benefit from 1 November 1980.
C This figure was calculated using rates that did not come into effect as expected. To avoid costly changes it was decided to give the person the advantage for the period December 1986 to May 1987 and offset this by not increasing this limit for the June 1987 to November 1987 period.
D After the introduction of the voucher system it was necessary to apply the limit for a whole calendar year. The figure used was based on the estimated indexed rates for the second half of the year, applied for the whole year.
E Household income limit for TRC was abolished with introduction of TAL from 1 July 1992.

Act reference: SSAct section 8(1)-'income'

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