4.1.7 Effect of objection on original decision


The Registrar's original decision continues to have effect while a parent seeks reconsideration of that decision.

Act references

CSRC Act Part VI Division 3, Part VIIIA Division 1, section 111C


The original decision continues to have effect while the Registrar considers an objection to that decision. The Registrar or the other parent may take action to collect amounts owing under the assessment unless a court issues a stay order in relation to that decision (4.3.2).

The Registrar may make a decision not to disburse any payments to a payee if a payer has objected about the validity of a child support assessment, on grounds other than parentage, and has requested a suspension of disbursement of payments to the payee. See 5.5.4 for further information about suspending payments to payees.

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