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1.1.B.10 Base rate of FTB


For the purposes of FTB Part A, the base rate for Method 1, is the maximum rate of FTB Part A worked out using Method 2.

From 1 July 2016, the FTB Part A supplement is not included in Method 2 calculation where the combined ATI is less than or equal to $80,000.

From 20 March 2017, ES ceased for new FTB recipients. For individuals who became new recipients of FTB after 20 September 2016, they will no longer be paid ES after 19 March 2017. However, eligible individuals and ACOs may continue to be paid ES as part of their FTB rate under grandfathering rules. Therefore, ES will only be included in Method 2 calculations for grandfathered individuals. See 8.2.

The components of the maximum rate for FTB Part A using Method 2, before the income test is applied, are:

  • the standard rate for Method 2, plus
  • newborn supplement, plus
  • multiple birth allowance, plus
  • ES Part A for Method 2, plus
  • FTB Part A supplement.

Act reference: FAAct Schedule 1 clause 4 Base rate, Schedule 1 clause 25 Method of calculating Part A rate

Policy reference: FA Guide 3.1 FTB rate calculation

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