CCS - CWA enrolment


CWA enrolments are created by approved providers (1.1.A.90) when they enter into a CWA with an individual (1.1.I.90). An individual is only eligible to receive CCS for sessions of care (1.1.S.40) if their child is enrolled under a CWA with the provider of the service. The following details must be provided accurately in a CWA enrolment notice for the enrolment (1.1.E.25) to be linked to the individual's eligibility and entitlement (1.1.E.30) information held by Centrelink:

  • parent (1.1.P.10)/guardian (CCS claimant) CRN*,
  • child CRN*,
  • CCS claimant's DOB,
  • child DOB.

*A CWA enrolment notice can be submitted without a parent and/or child CRN if it is not available when the arrangement is created (to ensure providers can still meet the relevant timeframe for giving the notice). However, CCS cannot be paid until the provider updates the enrolment notice with the correct CRN/s and it is linked to the parent's CCS claim (1.1.C.27).

Other details that must be included in a CWA enrolment notice include:

  • the parties to the arrangement (the provider and individual** liable to pay the fees),
  • enrolment start date (the date the arrangement was established),
  • whether care is expected to be provided on a routine or casual basis, or both,
  • the days and times of any routine sessions of care (if applicable),
  • the usual fees to be charged for any routine sessions of care (or if there are none, a usual casual rate).

**A CCS claimant can be eligible for CCS if either they, or their partner (1.1.P.30), has incurred a liability to pay for sessions of care under a CWA. This means an individual who enters into the arrangement with the provider must be either the CCS claimant themselves, or their partner.

The enrolment details must reflect the actual terms that the provider and individual have agreed to in their arrangement. The CCS claimant will need to confirm these details are correct (typically through an online process) before CCS can be paid to the provider on their behalf.

Act reference: FA(Admin)Act section 200A Enrolment notices

CCSSecRules section 9 Requirements for complying written arrangements

Policy reference: FA Guide 2.6.1 CCS eligibility

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